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French compressors

We design quality products for which we provide regular monitoring to optimize your productions.


Our products are manufactured in our premises located in Joigny in the northern Burgundy.

Interventions in France

We operate everywhere in France with our experienced technicians.

Not lubricated class 0

The ISO 8573-1 standard to respect better our environment and our values.

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Hervé Guernet

Hervé Guernet

Benjamin Lechauve

Benjamin Lechauve

Sales Manager
Jordi Llech

Jordi Llech

Technical Salesman
Stéphanie Duvivier

Stéphanie Duvivier

Sales Assistant

Every day we innovate to offer you the best in the market of compressed air. For this reason, we offer a wide range of products and accessories.

The company offers innovative products respecting a tradition of quality and is part of the desire to sublimate the product and diversify its catalogue.

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The range of machines that do not use oil allows intensive use in a confined space for optimum purity of compressed air.

This process makes the use suitable for wineries or water treatment, for which there is therefore no risk of leakage.

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We want to develop THE compressor that will meet all your expectations thanks to the engineers and technicians of our R&D office and manufacturing workshop.

They design for you products at the forefront of innovation, free of oil for water treatment, oeno technical process and food treatment.

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